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Norway aim to lead the way in synthetic fuel production

Clean Fuel Now has written a lot about Blue Crude, the synthetic diesel, which is an alternative to the fuels that run our cars, planes and even space rockets. Plans have been unveiled to produce Blue Crude in large volumes in Norway by 2020.

The plant will be located in the Porsgrunn, which is on the south coast of Norway. Nordic Blue Crude AS, who are launching the project, expect to produce 8000 tonnes of Blue Crude annually, which is the equivalent of supplying 13,000 cars with synthetic fuel and avoiding 21,000 tonnes of fossil CO2 emissions. They also expect to target a price lower than €2 litre. The process is a partnership between Sunfire, Nordic Blue Crude AS, Climeworks and EDL plant construction, amongst others.

Blue Crude - Synthetic fuel

The crude oil alternative, is produced entirely using water, green energy and CO2. Norway’s considerable and inexpensive hydropower resources, mean a perfect environment to produce the fuel. The CO2 will be sourced partly from Climeworks, capture the CO2 directly from the air.

Gunnar Holen, CEO of Nordic Blue Crude AS, has outlined an ambitious plan to scale up the plant by 10 times after they have gained enough experience from the first 10 million litre capacity. Nordic Blue Crude AS, who have exclusive rights in Norway and Sweden, then plan to launch 10 more plants across the region.

CNN report on Blue Crude

Blue Crude is the ultimate circular economy product, which is not only useable in our vehicles, but also in thousands of products such as, plastic based products, chewing gum, shoes and smartphones. By mining CO2 out of the air, and using renewable energy, many of the products we use in our daily lives can become significantly more climate friendly, and our transportation systems will be less of a burden on the climate.


German - Euwid Energy

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