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Temperature set to rise in Geneva over the next decade

Research from the Urban Climate Change Network, based at Columbia University suggests that 13 major cities, worldwide are going to see dramatic rises in temperatures in the next decade or so, according to the Independent. Cities including Leuven in Belgium and Geneva in Switzerland, could see up to a 2 degree increase in temperature going into the 2020s.

Much of the rhetoric around climate change discusses the rising oceans effecting coastal regions, as well as the African continent facing extreme weather conditions, which has already been effecting farmers and cities, for example Cape Town are on the verge of entirely running out of water due to lack of rain fall. But, this new research shows that urban centres worldwide are also vulnerable to climate change.

There are countries across the planet that, because of their location, may believe that the effects of climate change may not be substantial. This evidence suggests that this simply isn’t the case and that countries must take responsibility for fighting against climate change. Promoting and facilitating climate saving innovation, is vitally important. Switzerland will no doubt see the effects of climate change, and must continue to take a leading innovative role, finding solutions for issues such as mobility pollution.


The Independent - "Thirteen major world cities could see 'alarming' 2C temperature rise over next decade, report suggests"

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