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The convergence of power to gas grids requires the right political framework

Recently, we became aware of a study conducted by Dr. Michael Schürle at the University of St. Gallen: «Valuation of the flexibility of power-to-gas facilities»

It examines the profitability of power-to-gas or rather synthetic methane as fuel. The results can be summarized as follows: Profitability depends heavily on the price of the electricity used. Ideal are "must run" plants like run-of-river plants and waste incinerators. (Interestingly, at the initiative of Audi, a plant for the production of synthetic diesel is currently being built in Laufenburg and a plant for the production of synthetic methane is being built in the waste incineration plant Limeco in Dietikon.) Secondly, it is crucial that the right political framework is set: Exemption from the grid fee and from the CO2 sanctions, which are in any case nonsensical in this case. Here is the link to the study:

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