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Floating wind farm near canary island: A major step in the right direction

A major step in the right direction has been taken. The international energy company Equinor ASA based in Norway has received the green light to build a 200-MW floating offshore wind farm off the coast of the Canary Islands. The investment in the project is estimated at EUR 860 million. Once the project is realised, the total capacity of renewable energy of the archipelago is expected to increase by one third.

At present the costs seem too high. It is expected that in near future, the costs will amount to EUR 2000/MW given that the wind farm is running at 5000 hours, full capacity. In such case, the wind power would cost less than 3 Cents/kWh and cause no negative environmental impact. Viewed from a global perspective, the ressources near the coast are large enough. Thus, e-fuels could be produced at a competitive price compared to fossil fuels.

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